Starburst Bull Terriers




Puppies born 17.05.2008 after


Int. Ch Starburst My One True Friend & Little Thunder's Fahrenheit






3 pups were born, one female and two males:


Starburst After Midnight

DKCH  Starburst Music Of The Night

DKCH  Starburst Over Night Sensation



Little Thunder's Fahrenheit

Kool Barracuda at Kilacabar

To Hot To Handle of Kilacabar

Flashpoint Inferno of Kilacabar

Bullyview Dancer

Minfordd Emerald Isle

Cwmdulais Flash Harry

Minfordd Snow Queen

Little Thunder's Blitz

Gentle Law Man of Kilacabar

Baron Baskerville of Bullydale

Elegant Lady

Little Thunder's Xhyra

Kilacabar Kwire Boy

Zelstar True Love

Int Ch

Starburst My One True Friend

Breslau´s Rodrigo Velez

Breslau´s Yankee Doodle Dandy

AmCh & Silverwood Rom
Jarrogue´s Jim Dandy

Pam v Bressendorf Imperator

DKCh Knocklehead Kandy


Quest Giancana

Eirdred Snowmaid

Breslau´s Coco Chanel

DKCh ClbCh

Quest Zenon

AmCh & Silverwood Rom
Jarrogue´s Jim Dandy

IntCh NCh SCh

Quest Quizqueen

Pam v Bressendorf Imperator

DChklb IntCh WW

Camquest Theo Sylvander Aricon

Balrog´s Odine von Bressendorf






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