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WVW'10, Int. Ch Breslau's Yanke Doodle Dandy



World Veteran Winner 2010 - INTCH - DKCH - SCH - CLUBCH - Nordic Winner 2008 - Danish Winner 2009




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Jarrogue's Jim Dandy

Action Newsflash Of Booksale

MULTI CH Explorer Of Prince Advokat

CH Mercedes Buccaneer 

Polytelis Bessie

AMCH Booksale Action And Drama

CH Souperlative Explorer Of Ormandy

Seqouiah Maiden Over Booksale


Jarrogue's Ms Jennifer Jones 

AMCH Ghabar Midnight Son

CH Ghabar Crusader

CH Ghabar Dee Jay

AMCH Zodiac Jarrouge Prima Donna

CH Catrana Eye Opener Of Aricon

CH Zodiac Lady Madonna

CH Pam V. Bressendorf Imperator

CH Camquest Theo Sylvander Aricon

GBCH Aricon One In The Eye

CH Aricon Eye Spy

Cats Eye's Of Aricon

Kinbrig Kiela

Mapalee Conqueror

Kirkville Jeannie dean

CH Balrog's Odine Von Bressendorf


Breslau's Zambezi Big Shut

CH Firebrand Kim

CH Breslau's Arrowhead

Balrog's Lea Lodbrorgdatter

CH Penbray's Mr. President Of Eirdred

Balrog's Hilda Fagerdatter































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